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 Something at the bottom of my heart

Something at the bottom of the earth

Something familiar but shapeless

Fascinated by metals as materials, I, created lots of art works.

“Just to feel” was the beginning of all.

Hundreds and millions of years have passed since metals (minerals) existed on earth.
Their molecules exist inside of humans, animals, and plants, as well.

Metals (minerals) buried under the earth far in the past were reborn in various forms including art works.
They would eventually return to the earth in the future or might exist inside of humans, animals or plants.

Metals, circulating materials

My newly created art works

to suggest possible conversation with you

– to suggest you hear a small breath of my art work

In pursuit of such art works.There is the metal (a mineral) for hundreds of millions of years,
and there is the molecule to a human being,
an animal, plants inward.

Though the things have a form now,
there was on the ground hundreds of millions of years ago.
maybe comes back to the ground again now hundreds of millions of years later.
Or there may be the molecule in a person and an animal, a plant.
Metal to circulate through.

The work which there is here now.
Talks seem to be possible…
I seem to hear small breath…

I want to pursue such a work.


  1. (EN) <Things>2007
  2. (JP) <そこにあるもの>2007年 個展『そこにあるもの』(ギャラリー杜間道)によせて
  3. (JP)<そこにあるもの2010>:2010年 個展『N.E.Blood 展』(リアスアーク美術館)によせて
  4. (JP)<私の中のゲンジツ>2014年 リアスアーク美術館20周年記念特別展『震災と表現 BOX ART~共有するためのメタファー』によせて