Biography/ RIE SASAKI



Living in Yokohama, Japan
Born: 1974  Birthplace:  Tokyo, Japan

1997 Bachelor of Metal Craft Art, Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata, Japan
1997-’98 Special student of blacksmith course, Steneby Skolan in Dålslonged, Sweden.

2002/’03/’04/’05/’07/’09/’12 Accepted by Craft competition at YAMATO, Takaoka, Toyama, Japan
2007 Accepted by Tableware Festival 2007 at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Accepted by Biamagurankai 9 at Sapporo Geijyutu no mori , Hokkaido, Japan

The Galleries of her Solo Exhibition in JAPAN
Aomori:  Gallery Casaico in Hirosaki
Iwate: Morikyu Gallery in Morioka
Miyagi: RIAS ARK MUSEUM OF ART in Kesennuma / Abe Keishiro Gallery in Sendai
Tokyo: Galerie pousse in Ginza / Tokinoshizuku(Setagaya)/ BrainBrunnGALLERY(Hachioji)
Kanagawa: Gallery minne in Kamakura / Art Truth in Yokohama
Yamanashi: Gallery aria in Kiyosato
Shizuoka: Gallery Mizushima in Shizuoka
Hyogo: Gallery Ebihara in Himeji

Art Exhibition
2012 ” The earthquakes and each expressions-BOX ART-Metaphor for sharing” at  RIAS ARK MUSEUM OF ART in Kesennuma, Miyagi

International Exhibition
2010 : Art Merbourn2010 at Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia
2010 : Art Sydney 2010 at Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park in Sydney, Australia

Museum collection
Iron sculpture titled Reality (2012)

Rie Sasaki continues to hold exhibitions to introduce her explorations in metal combining different materials which create harmony and balance.

In 1998, after I finished studying abroad, I decided to return to Japan and have a studio by myself. While looking at the beautiful clear blue sky of my favorite Sweden, I decided to name the studio ”Sora Kobo”. It means sky workshop in Japanese. The sky has many different expressions, is deep, and expands forever. The sky that embraces everything. I named it because I wanted to create works that looked like the sky.

Since then, there have been many twists and turns, and I have been active in changing my production format to metal smithing until 2022, and jewelry and woodblock prints from 2023. Works that allow people to share stories, works that gently connect with people and their lives, as produced based on the concept.